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One Way Ticket
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One Way Ticket

Something has gone wrong in the world recently and things changed forever. Horrible virus takes over humanity turning your friends and neighbors into hungry bloody zombies that see a well-cooked meal instead of you. Get them a One Way Ticket and protect not only your belongings but the very life from their attacks. Unexpectedly quick they move wave by wave to your hand-made fort and try to defeat you. Maybe you are the last human on the planet or may there be some places the virus and the dead couldn't reach? Well, you never know unless you survive this apocalyptic war against those who feel neither pain nor sorrow. Hold your AK tight and don't forget to reload it. Use your mighty pistol and try to aim well. Losing a single second is dangerous because zombies won't give you the second chance. Unbelievable physics and visuals of One Way Ticket together with its perfect sound make this shooter game experience so real it will be hard to stay calm playing it at night. Pick up boxes with additional ammo and unlock new guns to fill up your inventory and have all anti-zombie means at hand. Good old chainsaw cuts them into tiny pieces if those monsters get close enough to you. Abandon fear and hope on your skills in this survival battle. Keep an eye on your health level and improve your reaction and shooting skills. Zombie apocalypse may strike any moment, so are you ready for it? Download this awesome shooter game One Way ticket and have some training now!