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Nearwood Collector's Edition
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Nearwood Collector's Edition

Fix the Clock of Equilibrium to banish evil powers from the Nearwood Kingdom! Everybody likes fairytales - even grown-ups, but they never confess in it! Welcome to the ravishing game Nearwood Collector’s Edition and plunge into the magnificent atmosphere of a wonderful fantasy world! But usually the main characters of the most of fairytales have to overcome lots of difficulties to come to the paradisiac world where they will be happy for ages. In the game Nearwood Collector’s Edition you learn the story of the Lockwood family. Nathan and Elisabeth Lockwood were the happiest pair who loved each other to distraction, they lived happily in the small house not far from the beautiful forest. But in one of the ordinary days their happy life was ruined by Elisabeth’s illness. She fell down and lied unconscious while her desperate husband tried to return her to life. In a couple of weeks Elisabeth died without regaining consciousness from coma. Nathan did his best to revive his beloved wife but soon he disappeared and nobody saw him since that time. Play the game Nearwood Collector’s Edition and help Jane Lockwood reveal the truth about her parents! Together with Jane you appear in the Lockwood’s house where the breathtaking adventures are going to start! Meet the wise gnome Fey the Advisor and appear in the miraculous world of Nearwood! Nathan is alive, he is kept in the secret place in the Nearwood Kingdom – evil powers that have enslaved the kingdom keep him there for destroying the balance in the kingdom and your aim is to save the man. Choose the mode and start your adventures right now! If you are a beginner, it’s better for you to play the game in a casual mode where all the areas are highlighted and the hints recharge quickly. If you are a professional in hidden object games – try an expert mode to confirm your skills. You can only guess where you should go to look for extra clues and, moreover, you play without hints, so it’s the best challenge for you. Jane won’t be able to cope with undertaking missions alone, help her find her father! Centuries ago the Nearwood Kingdom was enslaved by evil powers that turned the placid world into the hell-like wastelands. The wise Time Keepers did their best to suppress the darkness by inventing the magical artifact “Clock of Equilibrium”. This clock was rumored to obtain the huge power that can turn the day into the night and resurrect the dead. Evil powers had been locked there for centuries until the desperate scientist Nathan Lockwood found it to revive his dead wife. He was not a success, evil powers captured him and imprisoned into the Clock. Help Jane solve numerous puzzle to reveal her father from the imprisonment and banish the dark powers back to hell! There are lots of gorgeous hidden object scenes where you are to find all the items from the list and train your quick wits in the interesting mini-games. Explore picturesque locations and plunge into the stunning atmosphere of a beautifully-drawn fairytale! Find funny Snoop-sees and unlock the chapters in the Snoopedia where you will read a lot about the Nearwood inhabitants. In the game Nearwood Collector’s Edition you have a nice chance to download the soundtrack with several fascinating melodies – they will always remind you the brilliant locations such as World of Miracles, Ancient Forest, Frozen Past and others. Enjoy the gorgeous concept art and use breathtaking pictures as your PC background images. Complete the main story in the game Nearwood Collector’s Edition and unlock the bonus chapter! Have fun and help Jane find her father in the Nearwood Kingdom!

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