Mystic Gallery - Gallery Game

Mystic Gallery - Gallery game
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Categories: Puzzle, Hidden Object

Mystic Gallery - Gallery game

The history of the world art has witnessed thousands of great masterpieces of the famous artists. Some of them impress the visitors of the museums, others - disappoint; there are people who're ready to pay enormous sums of money for the pictures, others think that's crazy. Anyway, the art of creating canvases is hard and one should be tolerant and very imaginative to bring something pleasant and new to the world. Only few people manage to be a success in this field and we know them as real geniuses. Those masterpieces are exhibited in all the museums and galleries in every country so that everybody could contemplate the perfect work. Have you ever been to such places? If you're bored with them and want something extraordinary then you should make your way to the Mystic Gallery. Everything has gone wrong here! The world famous masterpieces had been spoiled, and the gallery workers can't make head or tail of the case. Please, come and help them! Now it's high time for you to try your hand in art. Will you be able to restore the order in Mystic Gallery? Just look at the pictures, remember what they should be and begin! Use your skills and experience to find extra objects which produce the wrong impression on the visitors of Mystic Gallery. There are some other challenges: take the pieces of the picture and mix them the way they could become a real masterpiece. Play mini-games and discover new opportunities. Come on! Prove yourself you understand something in art.


Download Mystic Gallery - Gallery game Download Mystic Gallery - Gallery game Download Mystic Gallery - Gallery game


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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.0