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The Treasures Of Mystery Island
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The Treasures Of Mystery Island

A plane crashed somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean under strange circumstances. And our hero found himself on some unfamiliar island with no luggage and no opportunities to call his family and friends. How can he contact them? What should he do? Who will help him find his way home? So many questions to answer and only one settlement to find someone to talk to! Now our hero wants to find a telephone. He sees an inhabitant and asks him for help… Here the discovering of The Treasures Of Mystery Island begins! Will you join this young man to travel around the island and look for the useful objects? You can't miss the chance to dive deep into the ancient world full of mysteries and unrevealed secrets. Show that you're strong and brave enough to take this challenge and learn more about this separated world. So, let's start right now not to waste time and help the inhabitants of the island. They are old and work slower than you. Listen to them attentively and be ready to do the tasks given. You'll have to find tools and other objects. If you collect all the necessary things you'll get an opportunity to call the hero's family. But be careful - nobody knows what miracles take place on the island! Follow the map and discover new places and areas. The Treasures Of Mystery Island are already waiting for you. You can learn something interesting on your way but don't forget about your aim. Step by step you'll become closer to it. Use hints when you don't know what to do or where to go next. Welcome to the world of The Treasures Of Mystery Island!