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Moon Walk Quest
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Moon Walk Quest

A considerable number of secrets, dramatic events and talented astronauts - these are inseparable parts of any space Odyssey! This time we encounter a couple of spacemen that try to accomplish their mission. But the unpredictable thing happens to them in the open space - one of the parts in their spaceship breaks. And… they start falling. They already see the Earth, they are ready for triumph, and they miss their families. But the fate is cruel and all they can do is to watch their planet ahead and dream of coming back. Courageous Vasya and Kolya are the Soviet heroes in Moon Walk Quest and they never give up. So they start looking for the possible solution and their quest is ahead. You need to help them solve this extraterrestrial task and get rid of the spaceship's breakage. Your part is to control their moves and organize their activities so that they can find the spare parts and fix the machine. The game Moon Walk Quest is full of riddles and passages, tricks and unexpected events. Who knows what is going on that planet (seems to be the lunar surface)! But the guys are ready to struggle for victory and coming back. This quest is an extraordinary game full of traditional for the genre ideas and quizzes that will never let you feel bored. Funny animation and realistic sounds will amuse you for sure. Step after step you will learn more about the neighborhood and understand how to fly away. One of the best games in the genre! Feel free to download Moon Walk Quest right now and join the space team.