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Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror
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Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror

With Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror, you can take on the role of a discerning detective as you spot the differences between the two images. In this classic puzzle game you must try to find ten differences in each image, but in this new take on a gaming favorite there is a twist. One of the two images has been flipped into its mirror image!Each of the twenty images which is included in Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror has highly detailed and vibrant art which helps the image truly come alive. Play alone or with your friends as you spot the hand-placed abnormalities in the mirrored copy. Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror is not just a game, but also an opportunity to hone your observation skills. The click-based controls are easy to pick up even for a young child, but the puzzles are still engaging enough to entertain children and adults alike. Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror is the perfect game for gamers of all ages and experience. Get lost in the wonderful art as you try to race through all twenty levels of gameplay, or take your time as you appreciate the visuals, the choice is yours. With this fun and exciting new spot-the-differences game, you cannot help but feel yourself become immersed in a brand new world of intriguing puzzles.