Megapolis - Free Tycoon Game

Megapolis - Free tycoon game
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Megapolis - Free tycoon game

Welcome to Megapolis! It's a nice place with high buildings, world-famous corporations, shops of popular brands, glistening shop-windows, large parks and wide squares. There are a lot of modern contractions still there is plenty to do in Megapolis. Now it's a real chance for you to try your hand in making business. What is important in big comfortable cities? What do people want to see there and make use of? Of course, there are functional areas where they can find both well-designed houses and business centers. Will you take this job and create the city of everybody's dream? It would be nice if people were pleased with the streets full of organizations offering various services. The citizens will definitely like non-standard ideas and unusual exotic contractions. You'll have to think a lot, look around and make the best decision about the most suitable way of using the space you have. Don't be afraid of creating something extraordinary! Be imaginative, make up a plan and don't forget about it while working. Actually, it's a perfect opportunity to express all your thoughts in real buildings. Feel free to choose a project you like and get good results. The perfect city usually fills both children and adults with pleasure, brightens their lives, and makes week-days be more interesting with various opportunities. If people enjoy the way everything is done they are very grateful and ready to reward you. Perhaps, you'll manage to earn the biggest sum possible. Become a businessman and let Megapolis be your pride!


Download Megapolis - Free tycoon game Download Megapolis - Free tycoon game Download Megapolis - Free tycoon game


Create the city of your dreams
Construct special buildings
Please the residents
Free tycoon game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 600 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0