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Me Alone
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Me Alone

It's dark outside, and you are standing alone with a gun up against a bunch of starving zombies! What a misfortune in such a chilly summer night! Me Alone is a shooting game full of danger and incredible tasks. In fact it is scaring and blood cooling. Start off with walking zombies, move up to uglier and hungrier ones! The game task is to stay alive and sane in a terrific situation - your new neighbors are dead walking men. The bad news is that they are real bullet sponges and they hardly care for the amount of bullets you shoot in them - you have to be really furious! The reason to stay alive is your struggle against the evil and you will definitely succeed and even enjoy the process. This is what you need after a long working day. An excellent opportunity to feel free from all those nightmares - to shoot desperately and reload you shotgun. By the way, Me Alone gives you an opportunity to train your shooting skill and try some new weapons as well. Every next step is more and more captivating indeed. The location is dark, it usually rains outside and the light is scarce. Silence around and the foreboding of disaster in your heart and body. But it doesn't mean you are the weakest here. Feel free to destroy walking starving creatures that enter the house. In fact it's going to be a really never ending night full of surprises. Never stop reloading your gun it may save your life today. Me Alone is your own shooting gallery!