Mayawaka - Pyramid Game

Mayawaka - Pyramid game
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Categories: Arcade, Puzzle, Adventure, Kids

Mayawaka - Pyramid game

The lords of the underworld always played their evil and strange games with the mortals of Earth. But now they had gone too far and wanted more: they cast a spell on the whole planet and its peaceful and friendly people. Former joyful and happy inhabitants became gloomy, harsh and angry. They found themselves dreary mortals who forgot how to laugh and enjoy life. The poor people need a hero who will be able to challenge the spirits and save them from the spell. Only a brave person can reveal the secrets of the stone characters. Only the cleverest hero can survive in the dangerous situations during the climb to the top of the pyramid Mayawaka. Perhaps you could be the one who would bring prosperity and joy to this sacred land. You have lots of challenges ahead and in every level there will be many creatures trying to interfere. Your life and the fate of millions are at stake so be very attentive. In one of the levels of Mayawaka you have to jump on the blocks of the pyramids, being very careful of your followers. If they catch you they will take your life. With each jump a new block of the pyramid is painted in a different color. You need to paint all blocks to complete the level. When you cope with it more games are waiting for you. You can demonstrate your brave character and intelligence. Quickly click on the pictures showing the gods, cast out different devils, remove the same pictures from the playing field. Pluck up your courage to stand up to the attack of the gods in the game Mayawaka!


Download Mayawaka - Pyramid game Download Mayawaka - Pyramid game Download Mayawaka - Pyramid game


Several game modes
Additional mini-games
Adventures in different amazing worlds
Pyramid game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.0