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Last Conundrum Of Da Vinci
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Last Conundrum Of Da Vinci

Prepare to experience enormous brain work you've never done before. Try to manage with a renaissance legacy and solve the Last Conundrum Of Da Vinci! A sudden package from an unnamed person may be anything and mean thousands of things. This time it contains a box full of mind breaking puzzles created by a Florentine genius Leonardo Da Vinci. World famous inventor and creator of masterpieces and discoveries in almost all fields of science and arts, has left an impossibly hard enigma which calls to the highest logic and mathematic skills. Open a box and begin your brain marathon leading doubled boxes from a yellow cell to the blue one. Move them through tops of rising cubes and avoid falling down. Get ready to see tricky places and bridges activated and deactivated with buttons. Enjoy your time and develop your brain while solving this captivating 3D puzzle Last Conundrum Of Da Vinci. The further you move the harder enigmas become. Divide your cubes to obtain good result and roll through gates that don't have heavy weight. Move parts thoroughly one by one to reach the best position and combine them right in front of the blue cell. Solve puzzles several times to reduce quantity of moves. After every bunch of levels the box opens an outstanding masterpiece of Leonardo with its name and year of creation. Calm down your conscious and check how far you can go within a tiny box. Download the thrilling puzzle game Last Conundrum Of Da Vinci free of charge and unveil the last mystery of the genius.