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Knight's Gambit

The game Knight's Gambit is similar to a classical chess game. Get smarter! Provide your brain with a perfect workout in the simulator Knight's Gambit! Chess is one of the most ancient board games, the most exciting and tense The game unites people of different ages and nationalities. Join the group of chess-lovers right now! Don't forget that the gameplay requires great concentration. You should keep in mind not only your moves but your partner's as well, but you can always try to predict them, it's rather interesting. You can choose your competitor yourself. Play with computer or compete with your friends. If you are in doubt and are not sure what move should be the next, you may easily use a hint. There are lots of options making the game more comfortable for you. Choose what you like and enjoy the game to the full extent! Set fixed time per a mode or a game and test how fast you can cope with the game! You can also watch highlighted figures available moves. Owing to the outstanding graphics of the chess simulator Knight's Gambit, the playing board and the figures look very realistic. Above all, you can choose 2D or 3D regime to your taste. Moreover, it's possible to set various visual effects to make your game more spectacular - shadows, reflections or smooth stretch. There are some boards and figures at your choice as well. Thanks to in-built MP3 player, you can listen to the music you like during the game. Download Knight's Gambit absolutely for free and join the company of true chess fans!


Download Knight's Gambit - Free Board Games Download Knight's Gambit - Free Board Games Download Knight's Gambit - Free Board Games


Levels of difficulty
Multiplayer option
In-built MP3 player
Outstanding animated graphics
Spectacular visual effects
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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista
DirectX 7
600 MHz processor
256 Mb RAM
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