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Knight Fighter
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Knight Fighter

Night covers forests and fields so evil creatures, eager to destroy and enslave humanity, overflow lands. Begin your heroic adventure in the action game Knight Fighter! Walk into the suppressive darkness in your heavy armor, hold the sword tight and never forget the shield. You are about to face rival fighters of different kinds, that want to satisfy their medieval need for brutality. Along abandoned paths and through high platforms you should run and jump to protect all good that you know. Defend from group attacks or fight them one by one under the moonlight. Don't let those disgraceful criminals get you down and then prosper to the end of days. Fantasy-like gameplay with highly dynamic sounds of free Knight Fighter will bring you the true pleasure of restoring the justice and the power of good. The king and all poor people lay their hopes on your fighting skills and experience. Enjoy this awesome action independently on time, age, or weather. Ever since you enter the world of noble people and cruel intrigues there is no other way than to rush through uncountable army of shadow leaving nothing but breathless enemies behind your wide back. Beware of angry bats that fly unseen at night and hit you, decreasing your health. No checkpoints existed that far times so when you lose - you start again from the very beginning. Outstanding campaign is about to be taken by you, download this thrilling action Knight Fighter for free from our site and check out how far can you go using only sword and mind!