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Have you ever tried baby-sitting for a neighbor's kid? Most of us have! But how about looking after two, three or even more babies at the same time? The game Kindergarten gives you a unique opportunity to try your hand at this challenge! You are Mila, the owner of the daycare center. Your task is to take care of the babies dropped off by their moms. You start with just one little kid but as you learn, you get more and more babies to look after. During every working day you earn some money which you can spend on different upgrades for both the interior and exterior. You can purchase a new feeding machine or a better playing box, a more comfortable bed or simply some house flowers. Later you will even be able to buy a new room or even build a better house! Keep the babies happy by fulfilling all their needs as fast as you can. Then their overall happiness will stay high. But try not to keep them unhappy for more than two minutes or you'll be in trouble! Another thing to keep an eye on is your social rating. It is your popularity with the parents. If it goes up, you can increase the daily fee and earn even more money! When you have enough cash, you can hire a daily assistant. The agency provides you with a wide choice: a funny clown, a helpful nanny, a professional cook or an additional baby-sitter. Before you start playing Kindergarten, there is a tutorial where you're explained all the details. Are you ready for such a challenge? Then download the game Kindergarten and let's get busy!

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