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Jigsaw World - Download jigsaw
Download Jigsaw World - Download jigsaw
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Jigsaw World

Do you remember the times when you were a small child and had a big box full of puzzle's parts? You opened it, thrilled and excited, to begin the most unusual mystery ever - you started making the whole picture out of the small scattered pieced. And the connection between the parts was really fragile as your cat may step on it or your mum may come to the room saying it was too late and you had to put all the pieces in the box. Times have changed and you've learnt about the instability of the world around you. But... Tell us the truth - you are still addicted to these endless games with simple and at the same time complicated rules. The game Jigsaw World knows about your hidden wishes so it has something to make you tremble with excitement again! Numerous puzzles which can be adjusted to your taste and personal preferences (you can set the desirable number of part and rotation possibility) are here to please you any time you want! You can choose the pictures from various categories - starting with wildlife and finishing with mouth-watering desserts. Open the category you like and forget about everything! No limits in Jigsaw World - all the puzzles are opened for you from the very beginning so feel free to enjoy it under the tuneful relaxing music which calm down your nerves. Now you know what to do after a hard working day or whenever you want a perfect remedy from everyday stress. Download the beautiful game Jigsaw World right now and dive in your childish dreams!


Download Jigsaw World - Download jigsaw Download Jigsaw World - Download jigsaw Download Jigsaw World - Download jigsaw


60 riddles
6 topics
No time limits
Download jigsaw - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
DirectX 7.0
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