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Jack the Ripper - Letters from Hell
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Jack the Ripper - Letters from Hell

Welcome to the world of Jack the Ripper - Letters from Hell. Your hero is a reporter of the 19th century. His newspaper's sell rate has been down. What he needs is a true intriguing story to make his business run well again. And a miracle comes - someone kills women in adverse parts of town. All you have to do is to follow that maniac and investigate the murders. But is it not simple. There are many obstacles. For instance, a mess in the journalist's room. Or a dumb policeman that suspect you in these crimes. The game process is similar to "hidden object" games everyone used to play. But there is a time-limited mode and several scenes in which you have to answer policeman's questions. Wrong answers can lead you to jail. Or there are several puzzles different from object finding. The amount of hints is strictly limited so use them carefully. In Jack the Ripper - Letters from Hell you use some dirty tricks to increase dramatic nature of your stories - just like most of journalists do. You will fake criminal's letters with your sleight of hand mastery and sent them to silly constables. The storyline is truly twisted and breathtaking. Each time you go into a place you are in danger, and ideas of your hero become more and more risky as you approach the solution of this dreadful mystery. Graphics are very stylish and look like the old British chronicles. Dialogues, puzzles, sounds - all these things are harmonic for this scary and interesting adventure. Download Jack the Ripper - Letters from Hell for free and catch the villain!