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Griddlers Beach Season
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Griddlers Beach Season

Travel to the sea paradise and rack your brains in the game Griddlers Beach Season! Here you get a unique chance to rack your brains while solving griddlers. Use your logic and quick wits to cope with numerous entertaining levels lightning fast! If you are not familiar with griddlers, you can look through a detailed tutorial here with all the hints of playing nonograms. You need to fill in all the necessary squares in the grid to complete the puzzle. The rules are simple enough: you should just look at the numbers and fill in the squares to get a pattern. Horizontal lines (rows) are read from left to right while vertical lines (columns) are read from top to bottom. Don’t forget to cross out unnecessary cells that shouldn’t be used for your convenience. Use hints if you are stuck and do your best to get more stars and coins to buy power-ups in the shop. There are several of them: Refilling hints on the level, 3xHints and a great bonus – 3xRights for mistake that can prevent you from replaying the level. So, now it’s all up to you: try to earn a large sum of coins to visit the shop. If you are an advanced griddler-lover but still need to practice your skills – develop them in the training for experts. The result of completing the level is a nice pattern or even a small picture that you have made yourself, so try not to make a mistake. At the beginning of the level in the game Griddlers Beach Season you have only 2 rights for mistake, so do your best not to overcome this limit. At the end of the level you get a table of results where you can see the quantity of stars, scores and best scores. Keep in mind that the less hints you use and the quicker you solve the puzzle – the more scores you’ll get. Explore the breathtaking locations and accept the great brain training challenge in the puzzle game Griddlers Beach Season! Cope with the missions and get various trophies: “Collector” for collecting 100 000 of coins, “Determined” for completing the levels without mistakes and of course the best trophy “Champion” for getting a whole collection of trophies. Have fun and play the game Griddlers Beach Season!