Howlville The Dark Past

Howlville The Dark Past
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Howlville The Dark Past

Reveal the mystery of the secret experiment and find Rachel’s father in the marvelous hidden object game Howlville The Dark Past! It’s time to plunge into the amazing science-fiction themed game where lots of adventures await you! The protagonist Rachel lost her father when she was a child, and she's been searching for him her entire life. Follow the reckless girl and guide her in the dangerous mission! Something strange has happened in the small town after discovering a strange artifact. The group of scientists was sent there to examine the abnormal artifact but after the terrible earthquake all of them disappeared and the government was too fast to close this strange case. What has happened in the small town Howlville? Nobody knows. But Rachel didn’t give up even when she was taken to a mental institution against her will. She managed to escape and now she is on the way to Howlville! There is nobody to rely on and the ghost of a mad mutated scientist has been frightening her during the whole investigation. This mission is really undertaking, help the girl cope with it in the breathtaking game Howlville The Dark Past! Mysterious dark locations are scaring you all the time while the soundtrack intensifies the effect – join lots of hidden object scenes to find evidence of the events from the past. You are to explore lots of gloomy locations: sea haven, eerie house with rooms full of sinister secrets and an underground lab at the end of your adventure. What is locked there and why are the scientists disappeared? Cope with lots of mini-games and disguise the mystery in the logic game Howlville The Dark Past! Solve Rubic’s Cube, collect all parts of the emergency sign and connect in a correct way all the wires on the schemes. Collect necessary items and evidence to find the secret lab and see with your own eyes the last experiment of Rachel’s father. Now only you can prevent the global catastrophe and lock the gates of hell! Upgrade your logical thinking and help Rachel save her father in the captivating game Howlville The Dark Past!


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Sinister atmosphere
Awesome gameplay
Interesting mini-games
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.9 Ghz or better
1 Gb RAM
DirectX 8.0
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