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Hide and Secret
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Hide and Secret

You are just one step away from a marvelous game Hide and Secret - your brand new entertainer and a pure eye candy! Jacques, a conniving robber, has stolen the Treasures of the Ages from the museum just before they are unveiled to the public. Driven by the overwhelming desire to rule the world he hopes to use the magical powers hidden in the treasures. Your mission in the game Hide and Secret is to find the Treasures of the Ages and to protect the world from destruction. Will Scout and Anna Lyze are all there to help you accomplish the mission. However, Jacques and his assistant Toadie are not so easy to track and catch. They leave lots of traps on their way which you are to avoid and finally locate the treasures. Travel to some 30 beautifully rendered locations and find hundreds of unique items. Complete more than 20 exciting levels, accompanied by entertaining characters. Every location is a cluttered environment where you are to locate all the items given in the task list by clicking on them and happily scratching them off the list making one more step on your way of revealing the main secret – the location of the Treasures of the Ages. Make sure you click on the items correctly not to get a penalty or time reduction, and don't waste time – you have a limited amount of it! Amazing graphics and sound make the game even more enjoyable. The game is also a true eye candy for the lovers of comics since the narration is designed in the form of comics with lots of humorous dialogues which will surely make you smile from ear to ear. Download Hide and Secret right now totally for free!