Gold Sprinter

Gold Sprinter - Download jumping game
Download Gold Sprinter - Download jumping game
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Gold Sprinter

Each of us likes to have fun after a hard working day and you're not an exception, aren't you? What do you prefer most of all? There're a lot of ways to spend time with pleasure - here's one more chance for you to play and relax: meet Gold Sprinter, a funny hero who passes through various complicated tasks and gets new interesting experience. The good news is that you can feel the same downloading this game. Try your hand in jumping, running and avoiding bars. Who can say for sure what is in store for you? Now it's a real chance to find out what your abilities are. There're so many surprises to discover and so many things to learn. This nice Gold Sprinter is ready to take any challenge and get by. Join him right now! You'll have to control this little man while he's collecting the gold thrown everywhere by some strange forces. But the abilities of the hero are limited. To tell the truth, he can't jump very well. His skills include making holes in the floor. He uses it to get to the gold hidden in some special corners. The game isn't called Gold Sprinter by chance - you'll have not only to collect your prizes but also to do it faster than enemies bring you the problems. Use the holes and numerous ladders to avoid meeting these awful mice. Think over the root carefully not to get into the trap and earn all the gifts. The aim seems to be simple but it's not so easy to get perfect results at once. So you should be ready to train a lot to get good experience. Try it yourself and you'll like playing Gold Sprinter!


Download Gold Sprinter - Download jumping game Download Gold Sprinter - Download jumping game Download Gold Sprinter - Download jumping game


Pass 100 entertaining levels
Enjoy the perfect graphics
Listen to the pleasant sounds
Collect various bonuses
Travel through different environments
Avoid numerous bars
Download jumping game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 300 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM
DirectX 7.0
based on

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