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Start looking for the lost sea relic and bring it back to the owners!

What is more adventurous than looking for old lost relics? Such things have always been tempting people, no matter how ancient they are. Hidden treasures keep secrets which are not easy to reveal but if you are successful to do this - you feel absolutely gorgeous! And what if those relics are kept on the bottom of the sea? Isn't this underwater trip more captivating and intriguing? Aren't you afraid of diving into the deep waters? If no, then the game Subsea Relic is just for you! Join courageous Kenny who has already started looking for the precious treasure that his grandfather had lost many years ago. Now small pieces of the relic are buried in different corners of the sea bottom as it had been stolen and cracked up. Kenny and you are to return the treasure to the family but at first you should find and collect all the pieces of it. You can't miss the chance to take part in this adventure as Subsea Relic isn't a simple artifact - its magical Crystal of Destiny brings good luck to its owner. As you find yourself surrounded by exotic plants and animals, be sure - it's time for fun! Discover picturesque underwater world: use ancient ruins to move forward, look for various artifacts with the help of red arrows and collect coins to get scores. Everything seems simple at first sight, but don't hurry: beware of sea creatures that can do harm to you and remember that oxygen you have is limited. Pass from level to level with the help of the bathyscaphe and find more interesting things in your underwater adventure. Download free game Subsea Relic and have fun!

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