Sustainable Balance

Sustainable Balance
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Sustainable Balance

Check your skills and become a master of equilibrium in the game Sustainable Balance! Are you a true lover of calm games without bloody massacres or detective twisted plots? You don’t like playing shooters, hidden object game and match 3? The game Sustainable Balance is just for you! Who told that keeping balance in this world is an easy thing? You are to prove that it’s really difficult. Launch the game Sustainable Balance and try your hand at saving a ball on the game board. Seems easy, but wait a little, it’s just an illusion. Let’s look at the game board, there are lots of wooden bars with various obstacles around: iron blocks, other things that look unnecessary at first sight, but soon you’ll realize that they are helpful to cope with a level. They are not obstacles, just on the contrary, they are the things that will be a support in getting to the end of the level. Try to move the blocks and bars in such a way to overcome all kinds of obstacles waiting for you in the numerous levels of the game Sustainable Balance. One wrong move, and the ball will fall into the abyss, and you’re to replay the level from the very beginning. Try not to lose a ball and think over your future moves to the several steps in the future. It’s a core feature in the game Sustainable Balance, so prove that you are the chosen who is able to save equilibrium in the world! The weight of the ball is different depending on the level, so each time you should think how to move it to the final destination and not to fall to the abyss. Be careful and don’t hurry up, haste is your worst enemy here. Some of the levels are really challenging, so don’t be upset if you replay it, sometimes it’s inevitable to understand how to play better. You have no hints in the game Sustainable Balance, so try to use only your abilities and skills to become the master of equilibrium! Have fun and check if you are skillful enough not in the shooters and hidden object games but in the peaceful logic games without dynamic gameplay as well!

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Lots of obstacles
Challenging levels
Logic game
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Exigences du Système

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processeur de 1.8 Ghz ou niveau supérieur
2048 Mo de mémoire vive
DirectX 9.0