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New Yankee 4. In King Arthur's Court
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New Yankee 4. In King Arthur's Court

Set off on the amazing adventure to the medieval past to face fantastical foes and solve mysteries! Just when Sir John and his wife Mary thought they have returned to the 21st century for good, a magical whirlwind transferred them back to the days of King Arthur, where swords in stones are waiting for heroes to come along. It's a good thing that Sir John was still wearing his armor! After figuring out they're no longer in Florida, Sir John and Mary embark on a journey to stop a strange threat from ravaging the land, help villagers rebuild their houses, and battle monsters using steel and quick wits. As an all-seeing eye in the sky, your aim is to guide Sir John and his helpers as they use strategy to amass and manage resources and complete quests as quickly as possible. The faster the player finishes each level, the more rewards and boosters they unlock. Launch the game New Yankee 4. In King Arthur's Court and enjoy a hilarious storyline, eye-popping visuals, and breathtaking mini games!