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Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season
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Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season

Complete lots of amazing puzzles to get smarter in the nice game Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season! Do you want to set out a journey but haven’t chosen the cities yet? Play the game Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season and find the best places for a peaceful and relaxing vacation and where adventure-seekers can go for active rest. Several themes of puzzles are available for you: choose what you like most! Beautiful views of Nature, various dishes in the Food theme, beloved couples and romantic pictures in Romance or multicolored guitars of nice clothes in Shopping – which picture would you like to match? You can find a quick relaxation with 12 fragments of puzzle or a long-lasted fun with up to 225 pieces, you can just spend the whole day matching the puzzle pieces. Moreover, if you want to create your own puzzle – you can do it! Just choose the picture and make your own puzzle with a definite number of pieces. If you are a true geek, we recommend you cope with a puzzle from 225 pieces! You’ll never forget this fun! You can also activate a setting of puzzle curves to make your puzzle more complicated. If you are out of time – just save your game progress and return to it later. Enjoy the gameplay and try to achieve numerous trophies in the game Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season! Do your best to complete the puzzle without hints, rotations and other bonuses – and you’ll get to the top of the record list. Escape from the everyday routine with the game Jigsaw Puzzle: Beach Season and have a rest with beautiful puzzles!