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Fill & Cross. World Contest
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Fill & Cross. World Contest

If you like the logical puzzles then a game Fill # Cross. World Contest is just what the doctor ordered. At first there will be a small playing field. Figures in front of the rows and columns show the number of consecutive cells. That is if you see number 5 written on the top of the column, you can mark only 5 cells one by one as the filled ones. Sounds confusing? Don't worry! You can use the tutorial at the very beginning. Here is a tip for you: it is more convenient to start with big numbers. You need to mark the filled cells with a tick, and the empty cells – with a cross. But watch out! You'd better think twice because the number of mistakes is limited. There are 6 different rooms in the game so you will feel the atmosphere of the real contest. If you are at a dead end, you can always use a hint. The better you cope with the level the more stars you will get for it. A lot of trophies are waiting for you in the game Fill # Cross. World Contest! You can get them for different achievements: for passing 3 levels without using hints, for passing 5 levels in a row without mistakes or for getting 3 stars in 20 levels. Make your own collection! The game Fill # Cross. World Contest is a perfect time-killer. The puzzles are so tricky and interesting that you for sure won't get bored! Are you ready to test your wit and logic? Solve all puzzles in the game Fill # Cross. World Contest!