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Enchanted Forest
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Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time there was small Troll who lived in a peaceful Troll village. It was a very nice place and all the Trolls lived there happily and were very friendly to each other and to all the other creatures. But one starry night an evil wizard came to this village and stole the magic crystal. It is extremely powerful and with its help the evil wizard can easily bring darkness to the village and to the whole world! You have to do something to stop him! Download the game Enchanted Forest and rush to help little Troll. He has started his perilous journey through the forest. On his way he will have to collect a certain amount of coins and berries. For example, during the first level, the essential amount is 70 percent. After collecting all this, little Troll will be able to start the magic journey. But if you help him he might be able to pick up all the coins and berries on his way. For doing so he will get an extra life which will definitely be very handy as the journey is really dangerous and risky. The Enchanted Forest is full of riddles and surprises so you have to be extremely careful. Watch your step and keep a watchful eye on all the obstacles. Little Troll can walk, run, jump very high and also shoot magic. Controlling him is very easy! Moreover, you can change the controls in the menu options. The game Enchanted Forest has wonderful music and sound effects which will help you and little Troll in your grasping adventure.

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