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Electro Master

Have you ever thought what is happening while you are out of electricity? Why does it take so long to fix problems with electricity? Who is that unnamed hero who supplies you with electricity and Internet and how hard his job is? The game Electro Master is your chance to find out how to be a hero loved by everyone or hated by the whole city. You happen to be a chubby electrician Billy whose job is to maintain power lines and fix them if they are broken. Despite the fact that you do your job fine, every day you fight against darkness, unfairness and lack of organization of your co-workers. Wherever you fix power lines in the simulator Electro Master your irresponsible fellow is sent to manage them and just after a few days you have to come back to figure out what he did wrong. It is ironic that it is impossible to fix all those power facilities if your fellows haven't been working out there. There are a lot of electric items, tools and precious things that were left by irresponsible electricians. Collect and use them when necessary and you'll be able to fix power lines. In addition, you need to assemble power lines in time before your fellows at power station turn it on. Moreover, just to let you know either you manage power lines constantly or take a break and let your fellow look after wires. If you choose latter, your co-workers set wires in mess and you will have to start the game Electro Master from the very beginning. So don't leave your work incomplete before you decide to take a pause. As Billy the electrician likes to say: "It's nothing better than to say "It's fixed!" after a hard day, so go bring light to people!"


Download Electro Master - Electro Game Download Electro Master - Electro Game Download Electro Master - Electro Game


A lot of distinctive locations
100+ breathtaking levels
Huge variety of prizes
Dynamic gameplay
Electro Game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

800 MHz processor
128 Mb video card
64 Mb RAM
80 Mb free hard drive space
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