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Egyptian Ball
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Egyptian Ball

There is something mysterious that charms many people in the ancient land Kemet. There are a lot of legends about it and lots of people were looking for treasures and tried to find the secrets of the immortal pharaohs. Egypt... now this land is associated with the majestic pyramids, the Sphinx and pharaohs which add credibility to the legends of the terrible curse of the disturbed tombs. This disturbing mystery attracts scientists and tourists all over the world to come to Egypt. Who built the pyramids? What were the mysteries of the pharaohs? What treasures they took with them into the afterlife and why? For centuries the Egyptian pharaohs took care of these secrets... until now. Pack your backpack, take a shovel, compass, and provision. And do not forget about the flashlight. They will come in handy in the game Egyptian Ball. Your path will be difficult and dangerous. Scorpions and traps will be waiting for you, so be brave and patient. In order to avoid all the pitfalls and stay safe, be careful and attentive - just throw the Egyptian Ball to destroy everything in the playing field. As a reward you can take everything you want from the tomb. The things that belonged to the father of Tutankhamen - Pharaoh Akhenaten are especially valuable. Pay special attention to them. Well, Indiana Jones, people will tell legends about your victories. Enter this amazing world of the game Egyptian Ball - the country of mysteries, and secrets of the tombs of the Pharaohs.

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