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Dweebs Platinum Remix
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Dweebs Platinum Remix

Poor little Dweeboids! They're completely lost in an unknown planet Earth. They have survived a crash landing of an alien space freighter and now they don't know where to go or what to do. Will you help them in the game Dweebs Platinum Remix? Note that they are all of different colors so you will need to use different arrows to guide them through the puzzle. Place the arrow so that the Dweeboid can step on it. Then he will start walking in the right direction. The path will be full of adventures and perils so be very careful and try to protect the creatures. Beware of the Black Dweebs! These are very dangerous as they are genetically altered by the aliens in order to capture the poor Dweeboids. The cruel and nasty aliens like to eat little creatures as a delicacy so your task in the game Dweebs Platinum Remix is to save the little Dweeboids from an inevitable death. That's a lot of responsibility! If you are ready to bear it, then hurry up to download this captivating game! While you are guiding the cute little creatures to safety, don't forget to watch the timer which is situated at the top of the screen. It shows how much time has been left in order to complete the level. The game Dweebs Platinum Remix is very unusual as it is all about aliens so even the time here is in Dweeboid seconds! When you complete a zone, you're given a special passcode. After you are through with the first level, you can go on but remember that the task will get harder and harder. Take care of yourself and the little Dweeboids!

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