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The Mystery of the Flying Dutchman
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The Mystery of the Flying Dutchman

Have you heard of The Mystery of the Flying Dutchman? Once upon a time there was a big ship called the Flying Dutchman. Many of such ships sailed through the seas and let people travel around the world. It was the only mean of comfortable travelling as there were all the necessary things for the crew and the passengers if there were any. So people liked it. They chose the most complicated routes and didn't think of the danger they could meet while they were sailing. But bad things do happen and the Flying Dutchman didn't manage to avoid it. What happened to the ship and its men? The legend tells us that the captain himself drew hardships to them. As they were trying to escape from the Cape of Good Hope the seamen were frightened and they were told nobody would go ashore till they did it even if it might last forever. Since those times The Mystery of the Flying Dutchman alarms the unlucky people who have to see the ship as it's considered bad luck. It is sailing without going ashore. Still nobody can solve the mystery, there are no scientists who know the truth. Perhaps, you'll manage to do it. Aren't you afraid of the stories people like to retell? Look for the hints which can help you, discover the puzzles and complete the levels. The island you'll come to is stuffed with various objects and you're to find them. Then a spoiled map will be given to you. Do the task and go on! The Mystery of the Flying Dutchman is waiting for you. Take part in the adventurous trip and get new emotions right now!

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