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Dreamsdwell Stories
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Dreamsdwell Stories

An old wise wizard invites you to the world of magic and beauty, where everyone is kind and helpful. Catch this rare occasion and create a village of yours in this magnetic game Dreamsdwell Stories. A magnificent valley lies in front of you. Full of trees and fresh water, surrounded by mighty mountains and rocky shore it has a strong lack of diligent inhabitants, who would keep this beauty safe and develop civilization. Begin working on that with the very first puzzle and earn resources to build households, farms, and bridges! Magic spheres are scattered about and wish to be linked together by your magic cursor. Red and blue, yellow and purple - just click on one and see all possible connections. Follow the links and blow a chain of as many same colored spheres as there are on the screen! Unlock all bonus spheres to enjoy dynamism of Dreamsdwell Stories on its highest level. Go to the construction area after each puzzle to check if you are able to add something to the valley. Don't forget that each building should be occupied by its unique inhabitant, who requires extra recourses from you but glorifies you after with some gold or crystals. Create powerful knights and bridge trolls, brave captains and funny dwarfs - they will all live peacefully for the wealth of the valley. Spheres are the key to their happiness, break frozen ones and crush various obstacles to win. Download this unbelievably funny game Dreamsdwell Stories and receive free entertainment creating a village of your own!