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Dragon-X: Gold Quest
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Dragon-X: Gold Quest

Welcome to join a little brave dragon in his gold-searching expedition! The creature surprises you with the speed and abilities to move and jump in various directions, hide from enemies and feel the smell of gold everywhere. Cruel foes - huge insects - are waiting for the young traveler on his way and want to damage his wings. So you definitely need to join the little searcher to find and collect all the gold and escape. Dragon-X: Gold Quest is a funny and enjoyable game full of unexpected routes and monsters. Your dragon's lives are limited so you need to be careful and try not to face the giant wasps and tricky flies. They protect the treasure from trespassers on this magical island. So Dragon-X: Gold Quest is a walking tour into the land of enormous unimaginable treasures as well as evil monsters around them. If you feel you need to go through some obstacles to fully enjoy the game - this is what you are really looking for! Gold will be everywhere and you have to think carefully before approaching it, otherwise you won't finish the quest alive! This fantastically stunning island is full of flowers and the scenery is just breathtaking! Don't let it all fool you as there are lots of perils ahead that will chase you, but the adventure will only be more delightful when you finish it with a huge amount of gold. Prove you are fast and tricky enough, open bonus items and get even more! Dragon-X: Gold Quest is one of the best examples of arcade games for young gamers! Today it's available for free so make sure you have already tried it!

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