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The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world. According to some scientists, its age may be over 5000 years. According to a legend, the last ruler of the Xia dynasty was extraordinary cruel. He wanted to conquer the whole country so he sent the magic of dragons to the neighboring tribes. In the astonishing game Dragon you have a unique chance to help and protect the Chinese civilization from the wild beast, so travel to the Great Chinese Wall and join the battle! The only way to defeat the dragon is to reduce the size of its body which consists of multi-colored balls. Thus, your goal is to make a row of three or more identical balls and knock them out. For this purpose you need to shoot the balls so that the colors match. While you are doing so, you can also catch special bonuses which will help you get rid of the beast as soon as possible. You can play with only 3 elements or make longer chains and win more points; it's all up to you. After you destroy all the balls, the dragon will simply disappear from the playing field and the ancient Chinese pagodas will be rescued. You will be astonished with the animation in the ravishing game Dragon: it will make you forget about the worries of your everyday life and move you to the world of China. Chinese music will add some romance to this atmosphere and you will find yourself shooting the balls for hours without getting weary of the game. Restore the balance of the good and the evil in the game Dragon!