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Everybody likes nice beautiful dogs which run everywhere. Of course, you have no peace with these funny creatures but have a lot of wonderful moments instead. And what a pity it is to know that you can't have at least one of them at home because of the allergy or simply because your parents don't permit you to buy a puppy. But we're ready to offer you an alternative solution - now you can have any Doggies you wish. Come here and choose a pretty small friend to look after him and take care of your pet. But since this moment you're responsible for the dog you own and so you'll have to feed him and, of course, spend some money on it. Go to the shop and buy many useful things to brush, wash and play with your dog in the yard. Take him for a walk and learn that Doggies are very active. They can run and jump but to do this they need special food for energy and besides you'll have to clean your puppy after it. Always mind the schedule that helps your dog lead healthy lifestyle and follow it. Take your pet to the bedroom to give him good rest, feed him in the kitchen and don't forget the soap in the bathroom to let your dog splash in the water. You'll never be bored with Doggies! Enjoy playing with them and be proud of your beautiful dog. This game is a real opportunity for you to make friends with these fluffy creatures. Don't miss your chance and try it right now! Download this game to feel the atmosphere of fun and pleasure. Become the best owner ever for your little puppy!


Download Doggies - Dog Training Game Download Doggies - Dog Training Game Download Doggies - Dog Training Game


Great choice of dogs
Useful goods for pets
Cute puppies
Nice graphics
Dog Training Game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.8 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
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