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Become the chief of pirates on the godforsaken island in the browser game Tropicalla! Are you fond of various TV-shows where people are taken to the faraway island? They should show how they are going to survive there without civilization and sometimes their inner essence is shown in the whole prime. But what will you do if something similar happens to you? And it’s not a reality show, it’s a real life. After an accident you regain consciousness on a desolate island in the Pacific Ocean and you see nobody around. Some people will be extremely upset and practically give up, but you are quite a different breed! Try to accept what you can’t change and you’ll be a success. Find other survivors and create a settlement – it will be easier for you to survive together. Later on explore the foggy areas and choose the land for your own garden. It’s time to check if you are skillful enough to grow wheat, strawberries, tomatoes. Find seeds in the in-game shop and start planting! If you have excess of harvest, you can build special plants to produce tinned tomatoes, cucumbers, and even strawberry and raspberry jams as well. Work hard and soon you can turn your small settlement into a large empire! But beware, the island is not uninhabited at all, the cruel pirates are at all pains to steal all the harvest and leave you die from hunger, so prepare to beat their attacks off! Don’t forget about wild animals, they are living in the foggy areas, so be careful when you are going to explore the territories hidden by thick clouds. In the game Tropicalla you become a true pirate, a daredevil scaring all the villains around. Soon you will get a chance to build a ship and go to the raids against enemies. Aim carefully from your cannons to crash the opponents and get the whole loot. Get pearls for successfully completed missions to repair and upgrade your ship, increasing power, durability and hatchway capacity. Show who is the true terror of the Pacific Ocean in the captivating game Tropicalla!


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Vast areas to explore
Several characters
Trophies and achievements


Windows XP/Vista/7
1 Ghz Prozessor oder höher
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
based on

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