Sky Dale

Sky Dale
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Sky Dale

Become the explorer of the strange flying islands in the amazing time management game Sky Dale! Are you afraid of planes? Some people are, because planes can crash but the main character of the game Sky Dale is not of fearful people. And now after a plane crash it’s time to look around and decide what to do next. You appear on the flying island and your main aim here is to survive and save poor animals from disgusting fog. The first animal you meet is a cute squirrel Tilki who is afraid of fire. Put the fire out and make friends with a funny animal! It will become your guide in the game Sky Dale and tell you a lot of interesting things. Get the tasks and complete them to discover new powers and skills! You can upgrade your mining skills as far as gathering and exploring so don’t waste time in vain! Remove stones from the island to gain the transmitter and get a chance to explore other islands in the game Sky Dale! Have you ever thought that with the help of materials on hand you can create such tools as hammer or shovel? But you can! To complete the tasks, you need to clear territories, build structures and even travel to the distant flying islands, so brace yourself to entertaining adventures! Don’t be scared, because on the distant islands you’ll find other survivors and together it’s easier to overcome various obstacles, isn’t it? Unleash new powers and skills in the game Sky Dale! You can become a miner, gatherer, builder and creator, so what are you waiting for? You can make the character in your own image and likeness or create your antipode – it’s up to you to decide. But don’t doubt – it will be interesting! Make your life on the flying island comfortable and develop what’s given to you. Who knows, how much time you’ll stay there. Play the game Sky Dale and help the people after plane crash create their small heavenly kingdom, help the animals escape from the frightening fog and have fun!


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Lots of tasks
Cute animals
Nice graphics


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
1 Ghz Prozessor oder höher
1 Gb RAM
DirectX 9.0