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Shoot Them All
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Shoot Them All

Shoot all the enemies to survive in the thrilling game Shoot Them All! Here you will find yourself in the totally destroyed city where hordes of enemies are at all pains to kill you. If you are even not a great fan of Counter Strike, you will appreciate the game Shoot Them All without fail! This game is created in the best traditions of shooters where all you need is to survive. Lots of disgusting robots are chasing you so do your best not to die! You were a soldier of the secret squad whose mission was to clean the city from the enemies of Confederation and prepare it for loyal citizens. But something went wrong and the spaceship was shot down. You have lost your memory and can’t find your squad – but the only thing that you should do is to annihilate the aliens to survive. You have only a gun with a couple of chargers, try to pick up more ammo to defend yourself from the bloodthirsty enemies! You have an advantage – the desolate city abounds with ruins, so you can hide there to refill your health. Make a rush through the ruined houses, casinos and night clubs to find weapons and ammo but beware of cunning enemies, they are everywhere! Aim thoroughly not to waste ammo and explore the godforsaken territories in the game Shoot Them All! Who knows, maybe you are able to find soldiers from your group? There is nobody to rely on except yourself, so show no mercy to the enemies and set your own records in killing enemies!