MoonShine Rabbits

MoonShine Rabbits
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Kategorien: Arcade, Kinder

MoonShine Rabbits

Clear your territories from the cunning rabbits in the great browser game MoonShine Rabbits. Are you a fan of gardening or farming? And you try to plant every corner of your farm? Then you should be really upset if your farm is occupied by hordes of rabbits who are at all pains to eat all the harvest! Just imagine what you will do! The angry daddy from the game MoonShine Rabbits is in despair, and the only thing he can do is terrify the rabbits and try to destroy them. The rowdy-dowdy creatures went haywire, they are throwing pumpkins, watermelons and other vegetables just in your face! So it’s time to accept the challenge and banish rabbits from your plantation! In the nice game MoonShine Rabbits you are to train your speed of reaction and see if you are skillful enough to dodge from the vegetables. Rabbits are trying to drive you out from your farm, so forget about mercy! The rules of the game MoonShine Rabbits are simple enough: you are to tap to the rabbits to banish them and dodge from the gigantic vegetables flying just into your face or even destroy them. 4 nice locations are here at your disposal, travel to all of them and outwit the disgusting rabbits! But, of course, there are some conditions: for example, you should destroy 25 rabbits from the 1st level to go to the next location and win 25 rabbits from the 2d level to go to the third one. So everything depends on you! The rabbits are feeling in freedom in your farm and your harvest is really mouth-watering, so why should they go out? Show the rabbits who is the daddy here and become smart and marvelous! Tap to the rabbits to get rid of them and destroy the vegetables! You have only 4 lives at the beginning, so be extremely dexterous to survive in the game MoonShine Rabbits! For every rabbit you get coins, try to collect as many as you can to visit a shop and buy there a life. At every level the number of rabbits will increase so boost both your reaction speed and eyesight to see the rabbits hidden in bushes. Try hard and banish the cunning rabbits from your farm in the game MoonShine Rabbits!


Downloaden MoonShine Rabbits Downloaden MoonShine Rabbits Downloaden MoonShine Rabbits


Hordes of rabbits
Nice graphics
Dynamic gameplay


Windows XP/Vista/7/8
1 Ghz Prozessor oder höher
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
based on

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