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Lost Tales of Egypt
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Lost Tales of Egypt

Explore the ruins of the mighty civilization in the game Lost Tales of Egypt! Are you tired of daily routine and dream of new impressions? Where would you like to travel? Modern resorts are a bit dull and overcrowded but what do you think about setting off the journey to Egypt? It’s famous for the unique ancient civilization that counts tens of centuries and lots of mysteries are hidden under the hot sands. Don’t waste time, just launch the ravishing game Lost Tales of Egypt and you’ll get a unique chance to touch the age-old mysteries of mighty pharaohs. Return to Egypt its former glory by reviving the pictures of its daily life on the wall paintings of the forsaken tombs. But beware of ghosts, they are loyal only if you don’t have a grudge against them. Combine exploring picturesque locations with puzzle solving, it’s a great mix, I’m sure of it. Lots of hidden object scenes are waiting for you in the game Lost Tales of Egypt, enjoy this brain training challenge! You appear in the ancient civilization and you’ll be able to discover its secrets by revealing new locations and completing hidden object scenes. Dive into the unique world full of miracles and mysteries, check your attention and quick wits while looking for hidden objects from the list. Admire the gorgeous locations in the game Lost Tales of Egypt and feel like an archeologist! If you are stuck, there are hints at your disposal but it’s always interesting to rely on your own mind while playing such games. 1000+ hidden objects will get you deeper to the past centuries and show you the true beauty of ancient Egypt. There are several kinds of puzzles in the game Lost Tales of Egypt, besides hidden object scenes you will find jigsaw puzzles there, move the chaotically thrown tiles quickly not to run out of time and get prize scores. Have fun while playing the game Lost Tales of Egypt and throw light upon the mysteries of the greatest pharaohs!

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