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Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs
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Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs

Help Christiana to save the mansion from selling by auction in the game Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs! Do you like reading? If you are fond of it, you probably know the name of legendary Jane Austen, a famous novelist living in 19th century in Great Britain. She is well-known by her outstanding realistic novels and here in the game you will look for her lost manuscript. Welcome to the ravishing atmosphere of the 19th century in the game Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs and complete lots of hidden object scenes! But don’t rush ahead too quickly! Meet a smart girl Christiana who is at all pains to save the Jane’s house safe and sound in the patrimony of the Austens! It’s not an easy task because Edward Austen’s relatives have a claim on the house and you have nothing to do but to help Christiana find the missing manuscript and pay off the house’s mortgage. There is a legend about Jane Austen’s last unpublished manuscript hidden somewhere in the house that will cost a fortune nowadays. Don’t miss a unique chance to join such an adventure! Start playing right now and rack your brains in the challenging missions. There are a lot of them: do your best to get to the house, examine all the rooms there and cope with various quests! Look for the key to open the door, find special planks to repair the ladder and discover the forsaken manuscript! Join various hidden object scenes where you are supposed not only to find an item from the list but try to reveal it by its silhouette! If you are stuck – just use hints and don’t stop in your searches! The fate of the age-old mansion is in your hands, so don’t give up in difficult situations! The new owners of the mansion are unfriendly to you but don’t forget about your mission and you’ll manage to cope with all the difficulties! Look for a necessary key, solve lots of mini-games and do your best to prove your rights to the house! Assist Christiana in solving the brain training quests in the game Jane Austen's Estate of Affairs, find the manuscript and help Christiana meet her true love!