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Crazy Cooking
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Crazy Cooking

There are so many things to do at home nowadays: from simple reading and watching TV to various hobbies like knitting or drawing, for example. But now you can get an opportunity to try your hand at something special and extraordinary - at Crazy Cooking. Of course, it's not only a job but a funny and interesting activity. Here you'll make a career and turn into a Chef from an ordinary dishwasher if you do your best. The tasks will become more and more complicated as you go on. Step by step you'll learn how to peel vegetables, wash fruits and clean your working place. Crazy Cooking means doing lots of different things at the same time to please the visitors of the restaurant and to get the necessary skills. The main thing you need here is to study very quickly, be obedient and never be late with completing the tasks given. Clients don't like to wait, you know. So you'll always have time limits and you either do everything or you're fired. But don't get upset at once - if you do your best you'll be rewarded and learn a lot of unique recipes to cook delicious dishes for your relatives and friends and impress them greatly. Make the first steps to the world of creative ideas in Crazy Cooking. Show the Chef he can rely on you. Enjoy the atmosphere and prove that you can not only clean and wash but also take part in the whole process! Do it right now and get an unforgettable experience. Become a professional in each sphere and decide what you like most! Use your imagination!