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Crazy Bunny
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Crazy Bunny

Do you like watching animals doing some funny things like running after each other or jumping among the trees and on the grass? These nice creatures make people smile and even laugh. No doubt you've seen dogs or cats playing in the street. But have you ever had an experience of watching a small rabbit looking for something to eat in the forest? It can be even more entertaining! This time you'll meet Crazy Bunny who is mad about finding carrots and eating them. He is so cute and pretty that you'll make friends with him at once. Everything you need is to help him find those delicious vegetables and show him the best places to do it. He likes carrots very much and needs somebody to guide him. Take this interesting challenge and direct Crazy Bunny in his search. Do simple actions to let this small creature avoid bars and get what he wants jumping through the green grass and traveling among the flowers. Don't be afraid of earthworms and wasps - there will be a lot of them on your way. But such difficulties mustn't stop you and prevent from achieving the results. Hedgehogs and thorns will also try to spoil your journey so get ready for it. Just keep on walking and you'll get the carrots. Don't fall not to lose your achievements. Do everything to please Crazy Bunny. Play this nice god-humored game. Download it right now to learn what a pleasure it is. Both children and adults enjoy traveling with nice rabbit that is eager to collect all the carrots on the Earth!