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City Mysteries
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City Mysteries

In the endless stream of vehicles, horns' sounds and crowds of people moving there is a great mystery in every big city. You will travel within the best-known and largest of them and discover new and hidden City Mysteries in everyday life. Every new scene offers you a ton of hidden knick-knacks as well as the hints for the most complicated moments. And you need to train your eye like an artist or a detective. All the objects are right in front of you but you need to be really trained to see the simplest things. Many sounds and colors will distract your attention and there may be some mistakes. But the process is often more enjoyable than the result. This game is all about the searching process. Every tiny detail is important. At the end of every successfully accomplished task there will be a slight change - you will take part in a puzzle game. Reveal your logic and talent and train your brain. City Mysteries will show you a great variety of urban scenes and make you feel like you live in a big megalopolis. City Mysteries offers you the incredible atmosphere of all those conspicuous architectural masterpieces and landmarks that you can see on TV. There you will feel like you walk somewhere in the middle of Manhattan, Champs Elysees, the Red Square. All these fabulous places are waiting for you and you need to uncover their secrets. The game has an innumerable amount of levels so you can fully enjoy the process. Every time new scenery will be opened to your eyes and new list of objects will be given. So tauten your brain and eyes and find all the stuff from the list.