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Cake Shop - Cafe Games
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Life can really be sweet and delicious, isn't it? Wake up, you are in Yummyville! You are the operator and the owner of this candy Cake Shop and it is your big business. Keep all of your customers and guests well fed - and they probably come here again with great number of friends. We have no free time nowadays, so be in a rush to serve your guests. Now you will know how hard to be the manager of such brand-new cafe. And no doubt everybody likes to be a professional in his field, that's why you should make your Cake Shop one of the most popular around. Don't lose your time and start going your sweet road to a candy dream… In the beginning, please, turn on all your professional baker skills and agility, your cook talent and dexterity. Additionally you will need some speed for quick serving the orders. Be more than just attentive: each customer's order consists of different components, so take care and watch over your cakes, ice-creams and coffee cups. Ha-ha! Here we have some money for orders, it is our first gain! But don't lose your head so quickly, you are a manager of your cafe, don't forget. Spend some funds for purchasing new equipment - it will help us to make sweet treats like coke and cotton candy. Definitely, you may be as quick as you can while completing orders. The more we are serving, the more and the better testimonials from the customers we have. Food in your Cake Shop and cafe is becoming more tasty and popular and all the clients are glad. Every cake was baked just for the variety of smiles on your customers' faces.


Download Cake Shop - Cafe Games Download Cake Shop - Cafe Games Download Cake Shop - Cafe Games


Visual and music effects
Fantastic and "tasty" gameplay
Gradually complicated original storyline
Easy game controls

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista
DirectX 9
2000 Mhz processor
128 Mb RAM
66 Mb hard drive space