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Burger Fiesta - burger game
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Burger Fiesta

Welcome to Burger Fiesta - an exciting game for true lovers of burgers, sandwiches and snacks! It's your chance to try your hand in managing a burger shop of your own. Serve customers and make sure all their wishes are fulfilled. Your daily routine goes as follows: a customer orders a burger with sausage, for example. The order of the ingredients is always important for your clients, so make sure you put them right. To complete a level you need to serve as many customers as possible. There are different types of them in Burger Fiesta: for serving some clients you will teleport ingredients of your burgers for some time, others are so hungry that will eat just any burger. There are clients who are frozen and will stand still until you give them a drink and clients who are on the contrary as hot as hell so give them a drink, too (hm, giving a drink seems to be a universal panacea). After you complete a level you can make your cafe more comfortable. You can get a beverage machine to serve drinks faster. Ketchup is the best ingredient to be served with meat - adding ketchup increases burger's cost. Extra plate can be used to put any parts of your burgers on it. No cafe can do without a coffee-machine. To crown it all you can get an air-conditioner and make your cafe comfortable to stay both in hot summers and cold winters. All this you can get in the shop once you earn enough money. And you'll definitely be successful very soon! Download Burger Fiesta totally for free right now and enjoy the game!


Download Burger Fiesta - burger game Download Burger Fiesta - burger game Download Burger Fiesta - burger game


Various improvements
Different recopies of burgers
5 types of clients
Best cafe awards
burger game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista
Processor 600 Mhz or better
256 Mb RAM
18 Mb of hard drive space
16 Mb of video memory
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