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Angela Young 2: Escape the Dreamscape
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Angela Young 2: Escape the Dreamscape

Dreams often open doors to the people and they find themselves in the amazing surrealistic reality. But only few are skilled enough to catch this amazing opportunity and travel to magic places they've never been before. And even less can get out of there safe and sound. Enter the whole universe of the game Angela Young 2: Escape The Dreamscape and help the curious girl return back to her room! Dreamland is terrorized by a merciless lord of nightmares. Follow him solving outstanding puzzles and getting out of dead ends. Dozens of various mind-breaking enigmas should be solved before the main heroine and you defeat the lord of nightmares to bring peace to the Dreamland inhabitants. Wonderful visualization of the game Angela Young 2: Escape The Dreamscape together with captivating storyline will help you relax fully and enjoy every single minute you play it! Wise Keeper of Dreams tries to help you out and show you the right direction. Nevertheless sometimes you must choose the path to take, so try not to make mistakes. Skip some puzzles when you have no variants and use refillable hints to find the necessary objects inside locations. Break evil spells and calm down angry animals, get special objects to exchange them for the stuff you need to get out of the place. Challenge your eyes and logic but stay focused to win this beautiful game. Download the outstanding mix of a puzzle and a quest named Angela Young 2: Escape The Dreamscape, explore its magnificent world and entertain yourself without limits absolutely for free!

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