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Angela Young's Dream Adventure
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Angela Young's Dream Adventure

Welcome to the mysterious land of dreams! One day the main hero of the game, Angela, who was fond of fantastic stories fell asleep and turned out to be in a dark and very strange place. She saw a great castle where she met a wizard. He was a dream keeper. Angela's cat Felix was so frightened that ran away immediately, but she couldn't make a step. Everything seemed so realistic that the girl doubted it was a dream… Help Angela to unravel the secret of dreams and find the way back home. Angela Young's Dream Adventure is a great collection of the most original entertaining puzzles, that won't leave you indifferent. There are several levels where you'll have to find some necessary subjects in a mess. You'll visit many rooms and discover a lot of interesting things there. There is a chance to use a hint if you are in trouble. But remember, that it will take some time to charge it after using. Sometimes you'll have to solve eye-teasers and make a picture putting its items together or take part in the challenging competition with the wizard himself! It's not an easy task as the land of dreams is full of secrets, so your way will be full of sudden turns. You are to be very attentive and careful enough to succeed. Angela Young's Dream Adventure is a really addicting game, and will surely become your favorite pastime. You play with the accompaniment of pleasant music that helps you relax and switch off from everyday troubles. Now you have an opportunity to download Angela Young's Dream Adventure right now absolutely for free!

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