Alien Stars

Alien Stars - Download galaxy game
Download Alien Stars - Download galaxy game
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Categories: Action, Shooting, Space

Alien Stars

People of future are afraid that their greatest enemy will be an alien race with telepathy and other mental abilities. All the science, military and industrial achievements are intended to resist psychoactive aliens. Aggressive mankind's captured a lot of worlds in its bloodthirsty desire to possess the entire Universe. It was easy to seize peaceful planets and destroy races refused to obey a new human order until humans faced the one that didn't rely on the development of their technology. All people's achievements became nothing against it. The race doesn't negotiate and is more aggressive than mankind. People have never had a talk with them, and don't know where they are from. All what is known about merciless enemy of human race is that all races in the Universe gave it the same name - Insectus. According to Alien Stars, they count on their great number, do not have well-developed technology, extremely fast and lethal and are perfect at struggling against a great number of enemy troops. So headquarters of the Earth got a great idea to form a new military department. The one where unique units are trained. The soldiers get the best training, have best equipment and starships and are able to struggle on their own against a great number of Insectus. Your part in Alien Stars is one of those fighters. You always receive impossible missions to complete. Rumors about your luck and ability to act as fast as Insectus do spread within all human territories. And now you got a new order that seems to be impossible to accomplish: to strike the very center of Insectus' base. The outcome of this mission could put an end to this war. Leave fear and misgivings outside of your ship and show those bugs who a real lord of the Universe in Alien Stars is.


Download Alien Stars - Download galaxy game Download Alien Stars - Download galaxy game Download Alien Stars - Download galaxy game


Tons of enemies, weapons and bonuses
12 high-stakes and addictive missions
Attractive gameplay
Download galaxy game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 500 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM
32 Mb of video memory
DirectX 8.1
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