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Alabama Smith In Escape From Pompeii
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Alabama Smith In Escape From Pompeii

Welcome to the wonderful game Alabama Smith In Escape From Pompeii! During the first part of the game you accompany the young archeologist who is eager to find the powerful artifact in modern Pompeii. During the second part you guide Anastasia who wishes to help Alabama as he is in the center of the Mount Vesuvius' eruption. How is it possible? Well, the desirable artifact called the Amulet of the Ages allows the owner to travel in time. Is that captivating and intriguing enough to start right now? The professor who has sent Alabama to Pompeii won't wait for ages! The sooner you start the quicker you dive in the unbelievably attractive world of the game. You will be able to explore various locations in the university, library, modern and ancient Pompeii and a lot more! You have to find the hidden objects which is not an easy task itself, moreover, you are to solve numerous puzzle and riddles which are really captivating. Playing the game, you are free to choose between 2 game modes - either Expert or Casual. If you prefer the second one – the game Alabama Smith In Escape From Pompeii will provide you with the detailed instructions and tips what to do while the Expert mode won't give you any hints. Moreover, it's possible to switch between the modes whenever you feel like it! Exciting adventures and thrilling locations are waiting for you in the game Alabama Smith In Escape From Pompeii. Download it right now and travel in time to find out the secrets of the past.