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Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive
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Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive

Aaron wants to find his father who has vanished suddenly. Though he is in trouble he decides to look for him immediately. Aaron knows it's going to be a big and dangerous journey with complicated tasks, secrets and puzzles. At the beginning of the game Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive he finds himself in a garden full of mysterious objects. Look around! What is it? The building looks like the one from his father's picture. But he has no idea of how it can help him. Perhaps, you can do it. To get into you should look for a portal to proceed in your search of Aaron's father. Look for three magical gems and you'll solve your first problem. Be quick but don't expect it'll be too easy to find the gems. You'll meet a lot of tasks where you're to get hidden objects and soon you'll get used to it. Of course, you need some training to become successful in it. Not only your attention but also logics will help you be productive while you are overcoming the difficulties. You'll have to open the doors using various tools and making them interact. Learning the story of Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive resembles reading a detective novel chapter by chapter revealing the mysteries and learning new facts. Don't be afraid of exploring the rooms and looking into cupboards and other furniture to find something useful there. There will be some hint for you when you feel lost. Come on! Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive has prepared a lot and it's impossible to stay and wait for something! Just download this game to make sure it's the most capturing game with perfect graphics and sound effects!

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