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20 Days to Find Amy
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20 Days to Find Amy

20 Days to Find Amy is not a title for a new detective or horror story! We offer you this game as we know you love searching for clues. To feel like a real detective investigating a case - mmm… what a yummy opportunity. You need all your attention and dexterity to help in the investigation. No, nobody's been murdered, no bomb in the building - but what can be worse than a girl's missing. Was it a kidnapping or she just decided to start a new life? Who knows, we need to find out. Take the mission and try to look for the objects given in the list. There is a diary which is very helpful while searching and you will see what exactly happened to Amy before your arrival. Maybe there is a romantic getaway from the triviality of everyday life or Amy decided to live abroad like a romantic artist. All we know is that there is something strange happening around the place and you never know what's ahead. Anyway your dearest friend might be in danger and you can't just sit, wait and watch. You've got to do something to uncover all those secrets. Join 20 Days to Find Amy and lots of secrets will open for you since the very beginning. There are lots of objects to find, various locations and difficult tasks to go through. This is going to be quite an adventurous and never boring trip for anybody. Search for the objects you need and don't forget to use hints as the tasks are not as artless as they seem at first sight. You have only 20 Days to Find Amy - start your own detailed thorough investigation. Challenge yourself!